What Is Considered A Dental Emergency?

Having the phone number of an emergency dentist in Tacoma is crucial. You never know when you might experience those moments where swift dental care can make all the difference.

But how do you know if what you’re going through is actually a dental emergency?

Well, as a general rule, Dr. Steve Hong recommends calling even if you're unsure. He can help you figure out if you need an urgent or regular visit after you describe all your symptoms. 

If you’d like to learn more, check out this short blog post. 

What is a Dental Emergency?

A dental emergency is any situation where you need to see a dentist near you right away, either because you’re in extreme discomfort or at risk of losing one of your permanent teeth. 

Common dental emergencies can include:

  • Tooth infections or large cavities
  • Knocked-out or fractured teeth
  • Oral bleeding
  • Tongue or cheek damage
  • Gum disease symptoms (gum retraction, sensitivity, loose teeth)
  • Broken dental prosthesis (dental crown, implant, dentures, etc.)
  • Damaged braces, etc.

What to Do in a Dental Emergency 

If you’re experiencing any of the above issues or are otherwise in high levels of pain, call Dr. Hong at (253) 565-1695 right away. He can provide you with some tips on how to immediately care for the situation. 

For instance, if a tooth is knocked out, you can keep it in an airtight container and fill it with milk. This can preserve the tooth until your emergency visit and increase the chances of a successful replantation.

Or, if your dental crown has chipped and now has sharp edges, you can apply dental wax to it to prevent injuries to your tongue or cheek. Dental wax is sold at most drugstores. 

After providing these tips, Dr. Hong will let you know if you need a regular appointment or schedule you for an emergency visit as soon as possible. 

What Does an Emergency Dental Visit Look Like? 

First, Dr. Hong will assess the situation to determine the best treatment. This can include a visual inspection of your mouth, reviewing your dental history, and even taking X-rays of your teeth. 

Then, your mouth is numbed using a local anesthetic to block any more pain. Sedation dentistry is also available to help you feel more comfortable and relaxed. After that, your treatment is administered. 

Some dental emergencies can be treated on the spot; others may require follow-up appointments. You’ll know more once Dr. Hong takes a closer look at your mouth. 

Dealing With a Dental Emergency? Don’t Wait 

If you’re experiencing a dental emergency, Dr. Steve Hong can see you whenever you need him, whether it’s today, after hours, or even on the weekend. 

Call us now at (253) 565-1695 to get the emergency care you need to restore your oral health. 

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