Periodontal Care in Tacoma

what is periodontal care

Periodontal care is a branch of dentistry that focuses on the surrounding tissue around the teeth. Periodontal disease affects the gums and bones that surround the teeth and the job of a periodontist is to prevent, diagnose, and treat gum disease.

Tacoma periodontal care

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Almost half of all adults aged 30 or older have some form of gum disease.

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why might I need periodontal care?

At Rainier Smiles Dentistry, we always encourage our patients to have a proactive approach and prevent dental problems rather than wait until they develop into more serious issues. 

If you've skipped your dental appointments and weren't too diligent about your oral health, then you may notice that not only your teeth are suffering but your gums too. 

The bacteria that accumulates on your gums due to improper dental care can lead to a medical complication called periodontitis.

This disease is an inflammation of the gums that, untreated, can evolve and affect the structure of your teeth and bones.

However, if proper oral hygiene is maintained and periodontitis is diagnosed early and treated, this disease can be stopped from progressing and the repercussions are minimal.

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how can you find out if you suffer from periodontitis?

Although symptoms may vary depending on the stage of the disease, some of the most common ones include:

- Bleeding gums when brushing your teeth
- Bad breath
- Tooth loss
- Pain while chewing
- A buildup of plaque or tartar on your teeth

The symptoms of the early stages of the disease may not be very obvious, but a specialist like Dr. Steve Hong can observe these signs and recommend the best treatment plan.

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what causes periodontitis?

Although all people have a large number of harmless bacteria in their mouths, when you don't follow proper oral hygiene, these bacteria can become harmful and cause complications such as periodontitis.

When you don't brush your teeth and floss regularly, the following things can happen:

- Bacteria in your mouth multiply and form a substance called dental plaque.
- If plaque is not removed quickly, the bacteria will eventually store minerals inside it.
- Tartar will form, which will stimulate bacterial growth to the root of the tooth.
- The increased bacterial growth will cause the gums to become inflamed.
- The connection between the root of the tooth and the gum can be affected in time and cause the formation of a periodontal pocket.
- Bacteria can occupy that space and multiply, producing toxins harmful to the gums and teeth.

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how to treat periodontitis

The best way to treat periodontitis is through an intensive cleansing of bacteria and plaque accumulated on the gums and teeth.

At Rainier Smiles Dentistry, we offer deep cleaning where our Tacoma dentists will remove plaque buildup and tartar from your teeth and their roots. Then, he will polish your teeth to remove staining and add a protective layer of fluoride. 

He will also ensure that any periodontal pocket is thoroughly cleaned to allow it to heal properly.

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With proper dental care, you can completely reverse gingivitis!

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